kimKim Schneider has been involved in the brewing arts for about twenty years. Starting off with homebrewing, she enjoyed learning about and improving the creative and scientific processes that go into making a great glass of happiness.

After apprenticing at Big Buck in Auburn Hills, she went full-time at Dragonmead in Warren. During that time, she completed her Beer Judge Certification and also enjoyed tending bar at Dragonmead, which allowed her to share her knowledge and passion for craft beer with the appreciative customers.

Kim then took the head brewer position at Bastone Brewery in Royal Oak, where she focused on brewing Belgian beers. She moved on to the head brewer position at North Peak in Traverse City. After several years brewing there she decided to broaden her expertise in artisanal foods and learned to bake naturally leavened organic bread on a wood-fired brick oven at Pleasanton Bakery, also in Traverse City.

Seeking to help those less fortunate, she and her husband, Karl, were moved to work with orphans in Chihuahua, Mexico for five months. After their tenure there, Kim & Karl were asked to assist in planning, opening, and managing a brewpub in Anniston, AL. There she selected, designed and set up the brew house. Brewing there until the procedures and products were stabilized, it was time to move home to Michigan again.

She looks forward to helping share the knowledge and the love of craft beer with the community of Milford at River's Edge Brewing Company.